Life on the Peninsula

Finding this gem in the rough

Crestview has come a long  way. I remember it like it was yesterday when we made our way into Rye and my better half was totally despondent about buying a place in Rye. As he shook his head, he went on to explain:”The boot is too big there, we have no quick access to the back beach. I want to walk to the ocean beach.”

So he dragged his feet.   At the bottom of the driveway we were greeted by a real-estate agent. At first I was a bit surprised by the long driveway as we peered through all the trees at the top of the hill there was a  mud brick house. Half of the front was covered in ivy.

Mmmm “how big is it?”,

“Half an acre” she informed us.

It was set on a hill tucked away from the peering eyes of neighbours. I liked that. I liked it a lot. And just like that I was struck by that thunderbolt.

And there was a lot to be said about this big rambling property. Unfortunately our experiences in Blairgowrie were those of suburban disappointment. If I wanted this type of holiday home where I can see my neighbours I would of moved to a south eastern suburb on the Frankston line.

Our tour was slow and I was by the end besotted. Andrew was not. It took me another two visits for him to see the potential. There were native trees (moonahs woodland), land and the house had excellent bones. We were surrounded by six neighbours, who we could not see.Phewwww. And so it became ours. Four years ago today.

It is an exciting day that I can talk about how we resettled with cutting down most of the cotoneasters that covered the land. For those who are not in the know the cotoneaster is a weed shrub that regenerates quickly from the round red berries following on the ground and growing.  These trees had to be cut down as it covered all the areas that would be pathways and places where we would sit.

It is secluded and peaceful and minutes away from the Rye bay beach and shops. Built on 3 levels, there is a good sized lounge room downstairs, a kitchen with a spectacular dining area and then the bedrooms are up on the 3rd level.

And so the decision to commit to such a big lot of land was not too difficult. It was exciting and a complete joy.




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